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Elodie Jordens has over 15 years of combined experience in program development and delivery, human resources and Aboriginal employment development programs, group facilitation and career counseling.

Additional highlights of Elodie’s experience includes:

  • Experience as an Aboriginal Awareness trainer
  • Managing the development of Myths and Misconceptions training
  • Working as a Representative Workforce Coordinator in the retail, education and health sectors where she was responsible for the co-ordination of all aspects of the representative workforce strategy
  • Responsible for the development and implementation of representative workforce strategic plans and policies required to address and eliminate the barriers to Aboriginal inclusion
  • Coordinating and working with reference committees comprised of professional and support staff unions, management, government officials and other sector stakeholders
  • Providing human resource advice, guidance and managing the recruitment process in both unionized and non-unionized environments
  • Providing vocational assessments and career counseling and coaching to a diverse client base
Elodie is passionate and enthusiastic about Creating Brighter Futures for Aboriginal people and implementing change in a positive and productive manner. She is of Metis Ancestry and has a clear understanding of the issues facing Aboriginal people today.